Code of Conduct Policy

Vision Statement AND CORE VALUES

 Vision Statement - Mueller's businesses are global and diversified, yet unified in their goals of providing quality products and services that exceed their customers' expectations, increasing shareholder value and creating an environment where employees thrive and grow.
Accountability - We take responsibility for our behavior and the results that stem from that behavior.
Customer Commitment - We make customers our first priority. We measure our success by how we meet their expectations.
Fleet of Foot - We are quick and agile in response to the ever-changing business environment.
High Performance Culture - We embrace opportunities to change and continuously improve. We are results driven.
Innovation - We think "outside the box" to find new, creative opportunities.
Integrity - We are honest and ethical in all that we do.
Respect for Others -- We treat people with the respect each of us would want.
Safety - We value the health and safety of our co-workers, their families, our customers, suppliers, guests and the communities in which we live and operate.
Teamwork - We work together to create the best result. We share responsibility for the team success.

Company policy regarding a possible conflict of interest is based on the principle that an employee's business decisions must be made in the best interest of the Company. In reaching these decisions, an employee cannot be influenced by personal or family considerations that consciously or unconsciously affect his or her judgment as to what is in the best interest of the Company.
A potential conflict of interest exists if a Company employee has a business, financial, family or other relationship with suppliers, customers or competitors that may impair the independence of any judgment the employee renders on behalf of the Company.
As a guide, the following are examples of areas in which Company employees may encounter conflict of interest:
• Investments: No employee or his or her immediate family may have a significant (controlling) financial interest or management control in a competitor, supplier or customer of the Company. A nominal or portfolio investment in a publicly traded firm normally does not represent a conflict of interest provided it does not affect the employee's efforts on behalf of the Company.
• Outside Business Activity: No employee may have any outside business interest that diverts a significant amount of time or attention from the employee's duties and responsibilities to the Company.
• Employment/Business Activities of Relatives: If an employee has a spouse or close relative who is an employee and/or owner of a customer, supplier or competitor, the employee is expected to disclose the relationship to the Company. The employee may not discuss any confidential Company activity with such persons or reveal any confidential Company papers or materials.
• Under no circumstances is an employee to use his or her position to influence the hiring of a close relative. Similarly, if an employee has a close relative who is also an employee of the Company; it is unacceptable for the employee to be in a position to influence, directly or indirectly, employment or performance decisions regarding the relative.
• Business Opportunities: Employees are not to take, or permit others to take, advantage of a business opportunity that properly belongs to the Company, and should promptly report to the Company the existence of any such opportunities of which they become aware. employees should not compete with the Company or use Company property, information or position for personal gain.
• Executive Loans: Directors and executive officers are prohibited from receiving a loan of any amount or type from the Company.
 If an employee is uncertain whether a particular transaction or relationship may give rise to a conflict of interest, the employee is encouraged to discuss the matter with his or her manager or supervisor, an Ethics Officer or a member of the Ethics Committee before taking any action.
Business decisions by Company employees are expected to be made only on the basis of quality, reputation, service, price and similar competitive factors. Therefore, good judgment and moderation must be exercised when accepting entertainment and gifts in order to avoid even the appearance that a business decision has been influenced.
Certain gifts and entertainment are not to be accepted under any circumstances, including loans from individuals or organizations having dealings with the Company (unless such individual or organization is in the business of making loans), any form of cash gratuities, private or personal discounts not sanctioned by the Company and any illegal activities.
Specific guidelines relating to acceptance of entertainment or gifts from suppliers and customers are provided in sections relating to supplier and customer relationships. Employees who have questions regarding the appropriateness of accepting or giving entertainment or gifts are encouraged to seek the advice of their supervisor, a Mueller Ethics Officer or any member of the Mueller Ethics Committee.
The Company's worldwide supplier relationships are to be based on the fundamental concepts of honesty, fairness, mutual respect and nondiscrimination. We encourage continued supplier support that will enhance our mutual prosperity and build sound, long term relationships. At the same time, we respect and value healthy competition for our business. Purchasing decisions by Company employees must therefore be made solely on the basis of quality, reputation, service, cost and similar competitive factors.
Company employees who deal with suppliers or potential suppliers - - whether routinely, occasionally or infrequently, directly or indirectly - - must be beyond reproach in every business transaction and must not allow themselves to be put into a position where business judgments can be influenced. The following parameters define the overall environment in which business is to be conducted with our suppliers:
Purchases of materials and services are to be performed fairly and impartially and are not to be influenced by bias or favoritism.
• All discussions with an existing or potential supplier are to be restricted solely to the Company's needs and the materials and/or services being offered by or sought from that supplier.
• Any Company employee who has authority to approve or influence purchasing decisions is prohibited from accepting from suppliers or potential suppliers entertainment or gifts in excess of nominal value ($100 in aggregate over a 12-month period) without the specific prior approval of the Mueller Ethics Committee.
• If attendance by a Company employee at a vendor-sponsored event would provide a business opportunity for the Company, or promote a business relationship providing a tangible benefit to the Company, associated expenses should be paid by the Company.
• Reciprocity with suppliers will not be tolerated. Bribes, kickbacks, rewards or similar consideration are not to be solicited or accepted in connection with any purchasing transactions.
• Company employees who make or approve purchasing decisions are not to solicit gifts of money/time from current or potential suppliers on behalf of charitable, civic or other organizations.
The Company is committed to providing services and products that meet all contractual obligations and the Company's quality standards. Our success depends on building productive relationships with our customers based on integrity, ethical behavior and mutual trust. All employees are expected to maintain impartial relationships with customers.
We manage our business according to the following principles, regardless of customer merchandising philosophy, format or class of trade:
• We will treat all customers fairly and without discrimination.
• We will not attempt to unfairly influence customer decisions regarding the purchase of competitive items.
• In dealing with our customers, Company employees should exercise sound judgment and moderation and should accept or offer entertainment or gratuities only to the extent they are in accordance with reasonable business practices and reasonable customs in the marketplace.
• The Company will not tolerate reciprocity with customers in any part of the business. Therefore, bribes, kickbacks, rewards, - - including cash gratuities and trips - - or other similar consideration are not to be solicited, given or accepted in connection with any business transaction.
All Company business records must be accurate, honest and complete without restriction or qualification. The accuracy of all records involves both factual documentation and ethical evaluation or appraisal. Accuracy of records is of critical importance to the Company.
The Company does not maintain nor does it sanction any "off the books" fund for any purpose. Without exception, all Company funds will be accounted for in official Company records, and the identity of each entry and account will be accurate and complete.
The Company prohibits the concealment of any payment by means of passing it through the books and accounts of third parties, such as agents or consultants.
Employees are expected to be honest, objective and loyal in the performance of their record-keeping responsibilities. No acceptable reason exists for a deliberately false or misleading Company record. Employees are expected to report immediately any suspected inaccuracy or false statement in the Company's books and records.
The Company prohibits any action to evade taxes payable by the Company. 公It is likewise not permissible to aid or facilitate Company employees, vendors or customers in misrepresenting or evading taxes of any kind.
Some of the Company's most valuable assets include non public Company information. As part of an employee's job responsibility, he or she may work with information and materials that are non-public and confidential. Protecting this information is vital to the Company's ability to effectively conduct its business.
Employees must safeguard and must not disclose, misuse or destroy any non public information that is proprietary or confidential to the Company. Non public information is information of a confidential, proprietary or secret nature related to the Company's business. Such information includes, for example, business contacts, trade secrets and lists of and data concerning leads, prospects, business and product plans, customer information, information about our business methods, pricing, computer programs and/or similar information the Company maintains in confidence. Non public, confidential information may also include information learned about customers, competitors, suppliers or others during employment with the Company.
The Company prohibits the use of Company personnel, facilities or equipment (including vehicles, telecommunications equipment, computers, and computer-related properties) for other than Company business or a Company sponsored or Company approved activity.
For related information, including acceptable use of the internet and e-mail, refer to the Company's Computer, E-mail, Telephone, Voice Mail and Internet Access Policy available from the Mueller Law Department.
Information and information systems are critical to the Company's assets. Accordingly, Company employees have a duty to preserve, increase the effectiveness and reliability of, and account for Company information and information systems. Employees are expected to take appropriate steps to ensure that information and systems are properly protected from a variety of threats such as error, fraud, embezzlement, sabotage, extortion, industrial espionage, privacy violations and natural disaster.
Security measures must be employed regardless of the medium on which information is stored (fiche, paper, magnetic media, etc.) or the methods by which it is moved (electronic mail, face to face conversation, etc.).。Such protection includes basing access to information on the need to know. Managers are expected to devote sufficient time and resources to enforce information security for information under their control or use. For related information, refer to the Company's Computer, E-mail, Telephone, Voice Mail and Internet Access Policy available from the Mueller Law Department.
Since common stock and certain other securities issued or intended to be issued by the Company are or will be publicly traded, the Company is subject to numerous federal and state laws regulating disclosure of Company information and the trading of its securities.
For related information, please refer to the Company's Insider Trading Policy, available from the Mueller Law Department. If you have questions or are uncertain about how these laws may apply to a specific activity, contact the Mueller Law Department at(813)871-4120 or (603) 422-8030。We encourage you to ask questions and seek advice.
Employees of the Company are expected to follow the laws, regulations, judicial decrees and orders applicable to the Company, its property, employees and actions. While this Code of Conduct addresses some specific legal areas, it cannot comprehensively set forth all applicable legal requirements. Employees are encouraged to report their concerns to their manager or supervisor, or, if they prefer, to the Company's auditors, legal counsel or other designated person.
The Company's business is conducted under conditions of intense competition. The Company is committed to the concept of fair and vigorous competition for contributing to economic and social progress. This specifically includes adherence to antitrust laws and regulations.
For related information, refer to the Company's Antitrust Compliance Policy, available from the Mueller Law Department. If you have questions or are uncertain about how these laws may apply to a specific activity, contact the Mueller Law Department.,We encourage you to ask questions and seek advice.
It is Company policy to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.Upon discovery of any hazardous or unsafe condition or event that may affect the environmental impact of the Company's operations, a Company employee should promptly notify his or her supervisor and, if appropriate, the Company's Law Department.
Every employee is responsible for attaining and maintaining a safe work environment, and each employee is expected to perform in accordance with all health and safety laws, regulations and Company policies. Employees are responsible for notifying a supervisor, or, if they prefer, the Company's internal auditors, the Law Department or other designated person, of any hazardous condition in the workplace and any other suspected violation of health and safety laws and regulations.
For related information, refer to the Company's Environmental, Health and Safety policy available from the Mueller Law Department.
The Company is an equal opportunity employer.Our policy is to maintain a working environment free from harassment and discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.Company policy and governmental regulations forbid harassment and discrimination in recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, transfer, salary administration, and all other terms, conditions and benefits of employment. The Company has adopted and distributed to every employee a detailed policy forbidding any form of sexual harassment in the workplace.The Company provides additional guidance to employees on the requirements imposed by the equal opportunity laws and the policy prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace.
The manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance in the Company's workplace is prohibited. Furthermore, the use of a controlled substance outside the Company's workplace where the effects of such use impair the employee's ability to safely and efficiently perform his or her job is prohibited. The presence or use of alcohol in the workplace will not be tolerated.
Advertisements used by the Company are to be substantiated by supporting data before they are published or broadcast. Every effort must be made to ensure that the customer is not disappointed by claims for our products that are not supported by performance. The purpose of our advertising has always been to emphasize the quality of our products.
Corporate political contributions are permitted only with prior written approval of Company legal representatives and corporate and subsidiary officers, and only to the extent allowed by law.Unauthorized contributions or payments of any type (or promises of the same) to any local or foreign public officials are strictly forbidden.