Quality System

Quality is the value of products and also the basis for Jingmen Pratt continuous development. Company always takes “customer satisfaction” as the quality goal ; “Customer -oriented, full participation, provide products and services meet or exceed customer’s expectation stably , undertake safety, environment and health responsibilities actively; realize company benefit, employee benefit and social benefit growth simultaneously” as the quality awareness; Make various quality activities like  “Lean Quality” run through the quality management of company.

Company set up a materials laboratory and had purchased more than 20 testing instruments, including imported hardness tester, high-precision three-dimensional coordinatograph, and computer control universal testing machine. Company used sophisticated testing equipment to ensure product quality and passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification in 2010; These certifications make the quality of company's product stable and safety performance can be tested by a third-party.


                  ISO9001:2008国际质量体系认证                                          微机控制电液伺服万能试验机

                                     高精密三维坐标仪                                             油漆测厚仪                                  金属粉末测厚仪