From beginning to end, Henry Pratt's engineering staff monitors the design and manufacturing process. All engineering drawings and specifications are thoroughly reviewed before production to determine the most efficient way of satisfying the design requirements and dimensional tolerances of each particular product.

Innovative new product development and product improvements are always a priority at HPCO engineering. The engineering team at Henry Pratt Company has collectively over 100 years of experience designing, maintaining, and supporting the following products and services:


●  analytical calculation services

●  reverse engineering services

●  butterfly valves

●  ball valves

●  sleeve valves

●  cone valves

●  tilting disc check valves

●  UL/FM approved fire protection valves

●  rectangular butterfly valves

●  “N” stamp nuclear valves

●  hydraulic/pneumatic control systems

●  various types of innovative actuators, indicators and accessories such as 2-plates, link-lever, actuated linkage valves

Design verification is done through a combination of calculation, outside testing, and in-house testing in our lab with a hydro flow loop.

Customer support is the lead priority here at HPCO Engineering, with customer assistance in flow analysis, water system analysis, troubleshooting, and solution recommendations.